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Modern Apprenticeship in Food Services (catering)

Are you interested in an apprenticeship in catering? The Catering sector covers Large scale stadium and event catering, Government and Defence Force catering, Airline catering, hospitals, residential care, boarding schools and hostels.

Why an Apprenticeship in Food Services?

It's a great first step on the career ladder! What's more, you will be working and learning in the real world, not in a classroom - future employers will love that!

And finally, just to make things even easier, you get your very own Co-ordinator/ Assessor to help you keep on track and offer guidance and assistance along the way.

How does it work?

You work for an employer (we can help you find one if you're not already working), and go for a short training course every 3-4 months. Then you take the skills and knowledge you learn on those courses and practice them in your workplace. We help pay for your training, so it doesn't cost you much at all. Better yet you get paid, get trained and get qualified all at once!
Who are they for?

Food Services Apprenticeships are open to anyone wanting to make a career in Food Services. You might be a school leaver, or you may have worked in the industry for sometime already. If you are aged 16 - 21 you can become a Modern Apprentice. But if you are over 21 you can still complete this same programme as an Industry Trainee. There is no age limit.

What will I get out of it?

This apprenticeship will help you become a supervisor or catering manager of the future. It includes both the National Certificate in Food Service Operations at Level 3 and the National Certificate in Food Service Operations at Level 4.

So you will get qualifications and a great job in a great industry!

What do I do next?

By clicking the apply now button, you will be put in touch with the Food Services Coordinator/Assessor who can give you more info on this apprenticeship.

Location: Hutt Valley, New Zealand
Location: New Zealand, New Zealand
Location: North Island, New Zealand
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Location: Wellington (Province), New Zealand

Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Cafe / Wait staff
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Cafe Cook
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Chef
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Chefs Assistant
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Conference & Events
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Cook
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Entertainment
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Floorstaff
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Food & Beverage-Waiting staff
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Kitchenhand
Industry: Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - Other Hospitality

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Hospitality Standards Institute

Hospitality is all about people. A hospitality business lives or dies on the quality of its people. At HSI we work with all sectors of the hospitality industry, to deliver quality training programmes that help people grow their careers and develop their businesses.

We have a range of qualifications, suited to all levels and all sectors of the industry, from a one day introductory course, to three year Modern Apprenticeships programmes. All our courses deliver skills through on the job training. So as a student you’ll get qualified and paid at the same time, and as a business you’ll get committed staff, trained to meet your needs.

It’s a Kiwi thing

Our courses are written by Kiwis for Kiwis. Our food, wine and tourism industries are renowned globally, and our training makes sure businesses up and down New Zealand deliver the hospitality promise.

Types of Jobs: Chef, Barista, Barperson, Waiter, Supervisor, Manager
Postal Address:
PO Box 9695
Wellington 6141
Phone: 0800 275 4474

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