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Are you fit, love the hills, interested in conservation, like getting a sweat up for a job, working long hours and getting amongst it?

Job description:
Matt Ford Contracting Ltd are on the hunt for some decent staff!

In previous ads we seem to get plenty of people that can't read properly or have grossly warped opinions of themselves (and or) their abilities. In an ad when we state things we want - that's what we want. If we say you need to be fit as a buck rat, honest, reliable, and trustworthy we mean exactly that not obese, unfit, dishonest, unreliable and untrustworthy, Pretty Simple really! With this in mind read on or go read the women’s weekly.

We are an agricultural spraying operation situated in North Canterbury and operate from Mid Canterbury to Marlborough.

Our business is based on getting the job done quickly, efficiently and completed to a very high standard i.e. Old School. The job is best suited to the classic "get down to business Kiwi bloke" not the "pot smoking, drop kick, wissy teenage Kiwi joke". The following is a list of attributes that will go a long way to getting you a job with us ( and funnily enough surviving in life!)

  • Being Steve Gurney fit – for those of you who don’t know, this means being capable of actually working and moving faster than a sloth all day, every day!    .
  • have a passion for the outdoors,
  • be happy and prepared to work long hours,
  • be happy and prepared to work away from home,
  • be honest, trustworthy and reliable,
  • be able to use, respect gear and not bring the company's name into disrepute,
  • have ones own car and valid driver’s licence preferably without a string of offences and fines to soak up hours of unpaid admin time in the office (4WD experience useful),
  • Be able to communicate clearly via speech (not text language), Be able to work away and live with a team of like-minded people e.g. cook, clean, wash dishes, shower and keep your digs tidy. This may be very challenging for some but basic potty training, time management & teamwork is a necessity.
    If you fit the bill with the things mentioned above you are probably not a Labour supporter & may very well be one of an endangered species - Ring quickly, we would love to chat to you.
Growsafe / Approved Handler tickets will be an advantage but training will be provided.
Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa
DO NOT TEXT - I WILL NOT REPLY, use the phone for what Alexander Graham Bell designed it for! Have at least two references and phone numbers ready when you call please - BE WARNED, if you talk the talk, you need to be able to walk the talk!!!

PS = ( Could the "fun police" / "PC brigade who are whining and complaining about this advert kindly go and get over yourselves. If you don't want to apply for the position DON'T !!!!
Surely there are better things to do with your time, what happened to freedom of speech? or are employers exempt from speaking our minds? )
Phone Matt for more info on 0272213147


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Matt Ford Contracting Ltd
Canterbury, New Zealand

Phone: 0272213147
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