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Blenheim, Taranaki 



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This role is based in our Marlborough office. 

Position Statement
The role of the Quality Assurance Manager is to ensure all areas of Workshop Production have material/welds inspected for compliance and that all Quality Control Systems meet the requirements of AS/NZ Standards. The position is directly responsible for Planning, Organising and
Co-ordinating the deployment of Quality Control Systems within HML as well as ensure all Welder Certification is current and appropriate.
Ensure plans are checked before fabrication starts, and make sure at each stage in the fabrication process HML is producing
ahigh quality product and that no “bottlenecks” occur. The goal of continuous improvement makes this position extremely important for both quality and progress.
This position exists to streamline and speed up the whole production process and eliminate re-work.

Performance Objectives
  1. To ensure the company’s production assurance process is a safe, accurate, streamlined & timely process.
  2. To reduce HML rework through the creation and implementation of high-quality control standards.
  3. To ensure company personnel are aware of all project specifications, quality systems and any changes made.
  4. To ensure production workloads are smooth without bottlenecks through understanding of the production plan and resource management of staff.
  5. Help the company achieve its goal of continuous improvement.
  6. Ensure welder certification is current and appropriate.
Compliance Expectations
  1. Remember HILO – Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty & Obedience.
  2. Respect and uphold Company’s Mission & Vision statements, and Company’s values.
  3. A high level of communication with all departments of the company is vital!

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Responsible for checking all aspects of the fabrication process and ensuring defects are caught and recorded to the Production Manager
  • To monitor the allocation and job flow through the workshop 
  • Ensure Quality Control Systems are in line AS/NZ standards and implement as required
  • Ensure correct job numbers and weld numbers are used and that QC records are kept
  • Regularly report progress on each job and quickly communicate delays or concerns to the Foreman. Report on manpower overruns or shortfalls
  • Act as a technical advisor on key projects and other areas of the business as requested
  • Reduce HML rework through robust Quality Control Systems
  • Promote and lead a Health and Safety culture within the business and be an active contributor towards continuous improvement
  • Ensure staff are aware of the Quality Control Systems and Standards and any amendments made
  • Undertake welding inspections to ensure compliance to standards
  • Ensure welder certification is current and appropriate.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  1. 100% of production occurs within a pre-agreed time frame.
  2. All assemblies are checked for defects before leaving the workshop and any defects located to be remedied and recorded.
  3. Ensure all Quality Control Systems meet requirements of AS/NZ standards for compliance.
  4. Daily communication by QC on progress, difficulties, issues & success to Foreman.
  5. Review and update Quality Control Systems and communicate to all staff.

Essential Selection Criteria
  1. Communicative skills – this position highly relies on it!
  2. Production efficiency skills along with resource and strategy planning.
  3. Initiative with problem solving & solution providing, for production time conflictions and delivery issues (such as inadequate site access, delayed supplier deliveries etc.).
  4. A good team player.
  5. Previous experience with Quality Control Systems and their implementation.

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HML Engineering
Blenheim, MA, New Zealand

Web Site: http://www.hammac.co.nz/

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