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OK....SO I'm looking for Staff.

The requirements are pretty understanding of some of the key points I'm about to explain are necessary....

1/ I am looking for possumers...not pig hunters...not people that tried hunting once...and thought they liked it...and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office.....but Possumers......!!!

2/ Now by Possumers..I mean people that can work as part of a team....Come back to accommodation at night and NOT WHINGE!!!! Can start the day with a positive attitude and not WHINGE!!! Can talk to other members of their team with respect and not WHINGE!!!! I don't want shit stirring whingers!!!

3/ They need to be able to get off their arses and walk down into the gullies and push through the tuff shit.....without crying about it!!

4/ They need to understand that the job doesnt mean you get to drive around on QUADS all day and shoot actually have to walk....and the walking involves HILLS!

5/ They need to understand that theres NO cell breaks....and most of all NO WHINGING!!!!!

6/ They need to understand that there are prickles...and theyre outside....and they'll get wet hair...and wet socks...and cold...and hot....and thirsty ...and hungry....and that I'm not their bloody mother.....

7) They need to understand that the job entails being away from home, and staying in back country accommodation ( huts, shearers quarters etc)

Some relevant skills Im looking for....
1/ Preferably a CSL (Controlled Substance Licence) you can apply toxins or at least be able obtain one...which means NO Police charges in the last 7 years..including DUI's DO I need to emphasis this??? Because Im sick of people applying that havent read this part!!.

2/ PREFERABLY Relevant ATV/LUV/2 Wheeler/4WD tickets

3/ Possuming Experience

4/ The ability NOT to whinge about everything( in case you missed it)

5/ The ability to change with the times. We are a company that is progressive...our main clients want us to use PDA's...these things are expensive...and mandatory for our work...if youre rough on gear and dont know what a PDA is.,...dont waste my time applying!

6/ We are very H&S conscious...this means lots of,,...paperwork...more training...and audits!! If you cant deal with the necessity of that....dont waste my time applying....

7/ Must be able to pass a drugs test, and ongoing random drug and alcohol tests...and THIS is MANDATORY!!!!
8/ Mustn't be a whinger

Things Im offering.....

A BLOODY JOB!!!!! and the chance to do something other than sit on your arse.

Sound like you? Fabulous! Send you CV and covering letter now by clicking on "Apply Now" (top right)
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