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National Diploma in Architectural Technology (Level 6)

Great architecture is an inspiration. Buildings and the spaces between them can provide uplift or soothe our souls. Learn how to be part of their creation.









This programme aims to provide students with skills to act as an Architectural Technician for client contact, research and design, contracts and construction.


Communication Skills: Unit standards: 11095, 1307, 9685

  • Write a variety of business correspondence to convey ideas and information

Documentation 1: Unit standard: 10164

  • Prepare architectural working drawings for timber framed building

  • Prepare in AutoCAD and manual drawings

Design Documentation 1: Unit standards: 9663, 10161

  • Identify the limitations of a site, including Council restrictions and the site's natural attributes or limitations

  • Identify client requirements for a site

Construction Systems: Unit standards: 9671, 9663

  • Describe construction methods for timber framed buildings, include foundations and sub-structure, outside envelope and interior

Services: Unit standard: 9667

  • Explain purposes of services in small buildings

Materials: Unit standard: 9669

  • Explain the characteristics and physical properties of materials and finishes used in buildings

Building Law: Unit standard: 9664

  • Identify key aspects of the New Zealand legal structure

  • Learn aspects of New Zealand law relating to the building industry

Environment: Unit standard: 9670

  • Identify environmental aspects of building construction and services

  • Evaluate techniques that may apply to the built environment


Documentation: Unit standards: 10165 (sem 1), 10166 (Sem 2)

  • Prepare architectural working drawings for multi-storey buildings

  • Present both manually and with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

  • ArchiCAD - 3D modelling, rendering and fly through

Contract Administration: Unit standards: 9659, 9661

  • Establish communication protocols

  • Compile relevant tender and contract documentation

  • Invite, select and obtain tenders

Design Documentation 2 and 3: Unit standards: 10162, 10163

  • Establish the client's requirements, site restrictions and initial site design possibilities

  • Present a preliminary design to a client

  • Understand process for Resource Consent for a building project

  • Develop a design concept into a building concept

Design Context and History: Unit standard: 10167

  • Apply design principles to architectural projects

  • Appreciate the history of architecture

  • Explain the difference in design across cultures

Construction Technology: Unit standard: 9672

  • Determine and describe the foundations, structure, exterior envelope and the interior of a large multi-storey building of specific design

Career options

  • Engineering technician - draughting

  • Project technician

  • Kitchen design

  • Architectural design

Admission information

Applicants under 20 years of age must have a minimum of 36 credits at Level 2 in three NCEA subjects or NZQA unit standard equivalents.

Mature students will be assessed on an individual basis.

Applicants for whom English is not their first language require a minimum IELTS score of 6 with no band lower than 5.5, or NZCEL Level 5 with an endorsement of either Academic or Professional.

Qualification gained

National Diploma in Architectural Technology (Level 6)

Successful students of the National Diploma also receive the:

  • Northland Polytechnic Certificate in Architectural Technology

  • Northland Polytechnic Diploma in Architectural Technology

Location: New Zealand, New Zealand
Location: North Island, New Zealand
Location: Northland, New Zealand
Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Industry: Construction & Architecture - Architectural Designer
Industry: Construction & Architecture - Architecture
Industry: Construction & Architecture - Drafting
Industry: Construction & Architecture - Interior Design
Industry: Construction & Architecture - Landscape Architecture
Industry: Construction & Architecture - Other Construction & Architecture

Apply Before: 28 Nov 24

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