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TRU Group
PO Box 20493, 8543, Bishopdale
Christchurch 8543, CA, New Zealand

Phone: 03 354 8575
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At TrafficRUs we always try to remain streets ahead of any potential issue with traffic management. To accomplish this we remain true to our key principles and deliver consistently high standards in every aspect of our work.

With six years experience under our belts we started in 2008 with a small tight-knit team. Since then the company has grown to where it now employs over 30 staff. With two full-time Traffic Management Planning (TMP) designers we can scope and prepare detailed plans with speed, precision and efficiency.

It’s here we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Our planning expertise means clients can progress their projects with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Our work is about preparing for a huge range of contingencies – then being able to react correctly if things change. Here, experience is crucial. We need to recognize crowd and individual behavior in high-risk traffic situations and respond quickly and confidently.

Despite the standards and regulations there is distinct difference in what you may receive in terms of service and outcome in our industry. With the challenging conditions of Christchurch roads an even stronger focus on this ever-changing environment is required. Most of us grew up driving these roads. This local understanding bolsters our experience further.

At the heart of our work is the focus on before, during and after each project. Before: with intricate traffic management planning. During: with concise action, quick adaptability and constant professionalism.
After: with a clear, strategic analysis and a continued pursuit of the best possible service.

With this mindset in place our clients appreciate the lengths we go to ensuring the lengths (and widths)
of our streets are safe and secure.

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